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Breathing is so natural you don’t even think about it…
Unless you’ve had to hold your breath for a long time –
(The world record is 24 Minutes and 37 seconds…
And even this amazing stunt may not have been possible without breathing pure oxygen before taking the plunge…)[1]
While we often take breathing for granted…
OXYGEN is actually the most ESSENTIAL nutrient[2] in the human body…
It’s the #1 ingredient needed to sustain life.
Without it, your cells can’t do what they are designed to do:
  • Fight off infection
  • Repair and rebuild damaged cells
  • And produce MORE ENERGY

Yet, as you age
Overcome an injury
And/or struggle with a chronic condition
Your body’s ability to utilize and absorb oxygen decreases…
Leading to:
  • Memory loss and Fatigue
  • Pain from inflammation
  • Vulnerability to infection
Symptoms that resemble aging!

Constant Pain and Chronic Inflammation Are Signs Your Cells May Be Hypoxic (Oxygen-Starved)

When your cells are starved from life-giving O2, they slow down their energy production…
And so do you!
If you’ve been feeling sluggish, struggling with long-term symptoms from a past illness, or recovering from an illness –
Our Extra Oxygen Is Like Adding Turbo To Your Car

It’s better than coffee…
It’s like an energy drink for your cells.
Because oxygen supercharges healing in your cells to:
Boost Brain Power[3]
Provide MORE Energy[4]
Grow NEW Stem Cells[5]
(And blood Vessels)[6]
Reduce Pain[7] and Inflammation[8]

Healing Your Body At A Deep Cellular Level

Here’s How Pressurized Oxygen and
Red-Light Therapy Promote Healing:

Your red blood cells make up about 45% of your blood volume…
The other 55% of your blood is a thin liquid called plasma.
With each breath you take, your red blood cells are working hard to
deliver needed oxygen right to your cells.

But your red blood cells may not fit through swollen blood vessels or injured muscle...
Your damaged tissue and swollen blood vessels become a dangerous roadblock to your healing…
Starving your cells from the very oxygen they need to survive!
Even if you’re wearing an oxygen mask...
These dangerous bottlenecks stop the vital oxygen from reaching and repairing your damaged tissue.

Our pressurized chambers can squeeze extra oxygen right into your blood plasma. 

Giving your cells up to 1200x more oxygen.

Oxygenating the plasma, not only saturates your blood with oxygen…
This thin liquid can bypass the clogged arteries, blood vessels and small capillaries…
So you’ll get the needed nutrients right to your oxygen-starved tissue…
Where they are needed most to:
  • Eliminate Pain
  • Clear up brain fog
  • And heal damaged tissue

Now You Can Accelerate Your Body’s Oxygen Absorption –
Because Pressurized Air Delivers O2 Directly to Your Oxygen-Starved Cells.
While injury, swelling, and other damage may stop your red blood cells from getting the oxygen to the places it’s most needed…

Constant Pain and Chronic Inflammation Are Signs Your Cells May Be Hypoxic (Oxygen-Starved)

Our red-light therapy stimulates your blood flow –
Sending even more oxygenated rich blood cells to injured areas, and feeding your cell’s powerhouse, the mitochondria –
To produce even MORE cellular (ATP) energy!
Whether in our sauna, combined with our pressurized chamber, or on its own, red-light therapy can:
  • Regenerate Your Bones[9]
  • Repair Nerve Damage[10]
  • Grow NEW Blood Vessels[11]
Red-light therapy may also:
  • Reduce Pain[12]
  • Fight Off Infection
  • Improve Your Thinking[13]
And even better – the more energy your cells produce, the more energy you get to spend…
Doing what you love!
Our Clients Say –
Our Combined Pressurized Oxygen and Red-Light Therapy
May Be Helpful To:

  • Improve Brain Function and Memory
  • Relieve Brian Fog
  • Reduce Muscle Aches and Joint Pains
  • Increase Energy Levels
  • Faster Workout Recovery
  • Promote Weight Loss
  • Reduce Appetite
  • Repair Soft Tissue & Heal Wounds
  • Improve acid reflux
  • Reduce irritable bowel symptoms
  • Clear CV19 Congestion
  • Reverse neuropathy after CV19
  • Relieve Overall Pain

Are You Ready to Optimize Your Body’s Oxygen Levels – For a Healthier You?

Still Deciding? Here Are Our Answers to Commonly Asked Questions:


Live Well O2 

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While the FDA warns of a few potential risks for atmospheric pressures of 2.5 ATA or greater with 100% medical oxygen (because of its combustibility)…
Our clinic only administers mild hyperbaric atmospheric pressures of 1.3 with 21% available oxygen. 
This is the depth equivalent of diving down 16 feet in the ocean, and you’ll probably feel the cabin pressure change like you do with landings and elevation gains on commercial airline flights.
Making any side effects listed by the FDA even less likely to occur:
Ear and sinus pain
Middle ear injuries, including tympanic membrane rupture
Temporary vision changes
Lung collapse (rare)[15]
While still giving you the same health benefits of medically administered Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy.[16]
Also, while our staff is gently lowering or increasing the pressure, they will be checking on you constantly…

We go at YOUR comfort level. Once you are acclimated, your future visits could be as little as five minutes,
or as much as thrity minutes. We never go faster than you want to.
To make sure you are as comfortable as possible.

If you feel any discomfort at all, just let your staff know, so they can pause or slow the pressure changes.

It's very much like flying but it can go a little quicker and we want this to be a great experience for you.
#3:  Are There Any Side Effects/Risks to Hyperbaric Oxygen or Red-Light Therapy?
Each session at pressure is either 60 or 90 minutes, with another ten minutes or so to get to pressurize and depressurize.
While you may notice the results after the first treatment…
Consistency is key to get the full benefits from our hyperbaric oxygen chambers.
This may mean going daily (Monday through Friday) or every other day.
Depending on the severity of your symptoms, you may require 3 to 5 visits - or even 10 to 40 sessions for more serious challenges.
(Call our office to learn about the special packages we offer for 10 or more treatments!)
#2:  How Many Treatments Do I Need Before I Start Seeing Results?
Our staff will assist you into a chamber the size of a tanning booth, where you can lie down and relax…
Then as soon as you are comfortable you can read a book, listen to music, use your phone, or meditate or nap, while our staff increases the atmospheric pressure to your body…
Sending extra oxygen right into your lungs and red blood cells…
The higher pressure also squeezes oxygen right into your blood plasma where it doesn’t normally go…
To heal your body at an even deeper level.
#1:  What Can I Expect – When I’m In a Pressurized Oxygen Chamber?
Come over to see us at the office today…
Where our staff will be happy to show you around, answer questions, and give you an introductory discount…
And you can experience the benefits firsthand.
Dawn Norton
#5:  How Do I Get Started?
Because mild hyperbaric oxygen therapy usually isn’t prescribed by a doctor and isn’t administered in a hospital by a medically licensed staff, your insurance may or may not cover our treatments…
Yet, you can pay with your Health Savings Account (HSA) or a Flexible Spending Account (FSA).
Also, if you’re a vet, there may be other funding options available to you…
Call our office today to ask about special scholarships or funding!
#4:  Will My Insurance Cover Treatment?

Are You Ready to Optimize Your Body’s Oxygen Levels – For a Healthier You?


Live Well O2 

(With Discounts Sent Right To Your Inbox)



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