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Been Feeling Less Than Your Best?

Our Pressurized Oxygen and
Red-Light Therapy
May Be The Solution You Are Looking For…

Mental Clarity, Energy, and Faster Healing!

Now you can unlock the healing power of hyperbaric oxygen therapy from the comfort of your home!
Our new in-home rental option offers sessions at an unbeatable $50 each of used daily, and that's not all.
If multiple family members embrace the rejuvenating benefits, watch the price drop even further. Invest in your well-being with convenience and affordability, making daily hyperbaric sessions an integral part of your family's holistic health journey.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Equipment Rental

Monthly HBOT Rental $1500/month.
$750 refundable deposit.
Red Light Therapy Rental 
$150/week  $300/month
BrainTap Meditation Rental. $150/month. Or own after seven months. Includes app.
Purchase your own headset

Now, you can get the healing benefits of EXTRA oxygen right in your own home.

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